Tri-clone hydro pump is a lightweight SUPER MOBILE water pump for your Straight shaft gas power weed eater that delivers the high-flow capacity you need to take on most pumping jobs! Funnel design Head with bottom suction and side discharge port is perfect for removing water from swimming pools, small ponds, water garden, hot tubs, basement and also great for duck hunting and more…

With 29 cc engine weed eater you can pump up to 1900 gallons per hour and with 40 cc engine weed eater you can pump up to 3300 gallons per hour.

  • Lightweight design with high-flow capacity
  • Easily pumps up to 1900 gallons per hour with 28 cc engine
  • SUPER MOBILE water pump that you can take anywhere
  • 100% Submersible Utility Pump
  • Custom funnel design head/ bottom suction with built-in strainer
  • All-inclusive kit includes 12” flat tube, Garden hose attachment, rubber cover to seal off water and more…

Compatible with Jonsered, Homelite, Honda, Husqvarna, Makita, Redmax, and Stihl.