At AMKOR Trading Inc., we believe in doing more than selling the run of the mill products that have no notable features and deliver a mediocre service. We believe in supplying our clients with products that will make it easier and the most convenient for them to maintain their gardens.

Curious to find out more? We break it down for you:


Who Are We?

AMKOR Trading Inc. is a Veteran-Owned small business committed to supplying worldwide distributors and dealers with the highest quality products. Our products are renowned for their high quality, durability and efficiency. From Tri-clone Trimmer Head to Replacement Blades; we offer everything you need to make your garden the perfect place to be!

Our company was established in 2016 with the demands of customers in North and South America, Asia, Caribbean, and Europe.

Our clientele is comprised of hunters, farmers, ranchers, lawn care professionals, and rural residents all over the world.

At AMKOR, we believe in placing our clients before anything else. We believe that our product is the best available in the market and have a reputation for being long lasting, smooth and effective in delivering their job.

We currently carry Tri-clone Trimmer Heads and Tri-clone Replacement Blades of top notch quality.

We welcome future Global Partners.


What Do We Do?

We currently deal in Tri-clone Trimmer Head and the Replacement Blades, which can attach to an existing weed eater and allow it to cut grass, bushes, and trees that’s up to 3 inches in diameter. We also intend on expanding our product range in the near future to comply with the increasing demand from clients and suppliers.

At AMKOR, we are aware that you will not settle for anything less than a perfect landscape. This is why we offer a brilliant selection of trimmer heads and replacement blades to enable you to keep your lawn tidy and trimmed. With our powerful blades, you're going to have the smoothest and neatest gardening experience ever.


How Do We Do It?

Our job is simple: to create the most effective and powerful tools for you to maintain your garden to perfection. Our trimmer head and replacement blades are renowned for their high quality and extreme power that can simplify your gardening job and make it more effective and enjoyable.

Tri-clone Trimmer Head is the best trimmer head on the market today. Our trimmer head is multi-purpose and will help you deal with several aspects of your gardening job. It cuts grass, bushes, and trees. It is truly versatile and will make your lawn job a lot easier. You just won’t need multiple tools to work on your lawn. Also, the good thing about this trimmer head is that it will never tangle. You're not going to be spending any time managing the messy wires, so the only time you stop is when you’re done working.

Tri-clone Trimmer Head is designed to sit so you don't have to constantly hold up your weed eater while you’re cutting. When you have to edge, you can set it on the ground and angle it a little bit for clean cutting or if you’re particular about having a gap between the pavement and the grass, you can also turn it and cut vertically. That's not all. We believe that our clients’ gardening job mustn't be just quick and effective. It should also be convenient and comfortable to engage in.

In order to reduce any inconvenience and discomfort while gardening, we have optimized our tools to be more smooth and easy to use. Our Tri-clone Trimmer Head has shock absorbers inside to minimize jerking when you hit hard obstacles such as walls, fences, and rocks so it doesn't wear out the engine of your weed eater. Also, if you use only up to 50% of full power when cutting along the obstacles, it is enough to cut the grass but won’t cause damage to those obstacles no more than a wire trimmer head would.

If you want to see what types of plants can be cut with the trimmer head, make sure to refer to our YouTube videos.


AMKOR products are more than just a detailed paragraph you'll be spending time reading. At AMKOR, we believe in meeting our claims and delivering to the clients exactly what they deserve. Try it for yourself! We assure you, our products will not disappoint.