Q: Can the Tri-clone Trimmer Head only cut trees?

A: Tri-clone Trimmer Head is versatile and can be used to cut grass, bushes, and trees(up to 3 inches diameter) with minimum effort. Please refer to our YouTube videos to see what types of plants can be cut with the trimmer head.


Q: What material are blades made of?

A: The blades are made of SK-51, in other words, high strength steel and will not chip or break.


Q: Are the blades safely placed in the trimmer head? 

We understand the danger of blades flying out of the housing while operating, so the Tri-clone Trimmer Head has double reinforcements on what holds the blades in place, meaning it has the bolt and the metal tubing around the bolt which both hold each blade to prevent it from flying out while operating. Therefore, all of the bolts need to completely come out at the same time, allowing the bottom of the housing to drop a quarter of an inch.


Q: How long do the blades last and when should I replace them?

A: This is determined by what you choose to cut with the Tri-clone Trimmer Head. Typically, they last around a year if it is for residential use. For commercial use, they can last up to 6 months.


Q: Do you have to sharpen the blades?

A: No, you never have to sharpen the blades. They're self sharpening blades.


Q: How heavy is Tri-clone Trimmer Head?

A: Not much! It weighs only 1.2 lbs, and it's also designed to sit on the ground, so users don't have to constantly hold it up while operating.


Q: Will the blades of Tri-clone Trimmer Head cut along obstacles such as fences?

A: No, it will not as the design of the Tri-clone Trimmer Head allows the blades to reflect upon making contact. However, we suggest that you utilize only up to 50% power of the trimmer while operating around chain link/ wooden fences. Please refer to the video below:


Q: What brands of weed eaters are the Tri-clone Trimmer Head compatible with?



Cub Cadet          Echo*

Honda               Hitachi 

Homelite           Husqvarna

John Deere        Jonsered

MTD                  Redmax

Shindaiwa*        Stihl   

TMC                  Troy-Bilt

*requires a steel plate adapter (Echo part# C535000100). 


DeWalt DCST990M1 40V String Trimmer     

Kobalt 80V String Trimmer                        

Ryobi 40V X Lithium-Ion String Trimmer     

Stihl FSA 90R                                           


Q: If my old trimmer head has a built-in reverse centerlock nut, where can I find a separate reverse centerlock nut that goes on the bottom, in order to attach the Tri-clone Trimmer Head to the weed eater after removing the old trimmer head?

A: You can find an appropriate centerlock nut at your local outdoor power equipment dealer for a cheap price.


Q: The thread of the bolt on my gearbox assembly is not long enough to install the Tri-clone Trimmer Head, how can I make it fit?

A: If the thread on the bolt of your weed eater’s gearbox assembly is shorter than 10mm with the dust cup in place, then we recommend that you replace your dust cup with a steel blade adapter (Echo part# C535000100 for Echo/Shindaiwa) to allow more tightening of the bolt.


Q: What is the spec of the 3 bolts on the trimmer head that hold the blades?

A: M6-1.00 x 25